The idea that “longaevi”, nature spirirts, elementals and other creatures broadly understood as “fairies” are among the categories of being that inhabit our worlds is traditional among Aristasians as among most peoples. The idea that there are no fairies is historically the odd one and it seems to turn on the notion that only physical entities exist. The philosophical basis for this negative assertion is to say the least dubious.

The Feminine Universe implicitly accepts the existence of fairies in at least one place, so, while it is certainly not an “article of faith”, I think it is fairly generally accepted.

What precisely we mean by a fairy is, of course another matter. I think we tend to use the term for any creature that is neither human nor animal nor angel nor ghost nor demon.

Some people think that there are different planes of being, and that fairies live on another, which is why only certain individuals can “see” them. It is certainly true that the physical is only one level of being and that most people today have lost the ability to perceive other levels except on rare occasions when the worlds are exceptionally close. This is compounded by an ideology that denies their existence and therefore makes them even harder to see – a vicious circle of clouded perception.