Princess Mushroom wrote:

The other day we saw a real Italian ice-cream van and my Guardian asked if I should like an ice-cream. Silly question! Blondes and screamers, you know.

So I said No. All right. Peel yourself off the ceiling. That was a joke. I said Yes.

Well, this van was especially well-stocked and had all sorts of unusual things. My Guardian had an Oyster, which is unusual to me at any rate.

I stood awed by the choice and then saw an ice-cream made in 1935, so of course I had to try that. It was made with biscuit and strawberries, and do you know what, it was the best ice I have had for β€” well, a year and a half.

One often hears the phrase “Trintitia Melyata” – Trent is best. It often seems to refer to music or fashion. I hereby declare that it can also be applied to screamers!

Miss Isabel Trent added:

Yesterday evening, when I went to have my hair washed, I happened to wander β€” I should say wheel β€” into a little scent shop that was en route between salon and motorcar. It was a rash decision, I know, but one can hardly depend upon an injured blonde to be scentsible in these matters.

An agreeable period of thoughtful sniffing led to the acquisition of a bottle of Fleur de Rocaille, a Trentish floral fragrance that I just know I’ve smelled somewhere before. I think it was my grandmother’s friend Micheline who wore it, along with her famous hundred pairs of Charles Jourdan shoes.

When it was created in 1934, it was (or so I read) the first fragrance in Telluria to use a white flower as a top note: glorious lily of the valley! It has all sorts of other eminently respectable things in it, like violets and lilacs and irises, as well as the absolutely standard rose and jasmine without which perfume could hardly exist.

It is, without a doubt, the headiest and blondest thing in my current fragrance wardrobe. I think I’m in love.

Trintitia Melyata!