Miss Delphine asked:

I know that Aristasia is a break from all the rather horrid Post-Eclipse values, a place where they never happened, and a place where the divinity of feminine is honored as it should be, but my question, pettes, is what is your view on hair? I feel very silly for asking this, but it is something that has been bothering me as of late. You see, I myself have sported a rather…. severe cut, so it might be said. A Shingle cut, they call it, unless I am mistaken. It’s rather short, a few inches long at the longest points. I was wondering, however, on whether my hair would be considered inappropriate.

I would certainly hate to break any rules, as I do not like to be a troublemaker… for the most part. I have tried to grow my hair out before, yes, as I did have long hair for many years, but I find that short hair is very easy to take care of, which is a definite plus to disorganized brunettes such as myself. Well… dears… I think I’ve prattled on about this long enough, and I do hope that my question isn’t considered extremely foolish… Your views, as quite distinguished pettes in my eyes, would be much appreciated in this matter, which somehow I found both grave and silly at the same time.

Thank you ever so much for listening to me.

The Blonde Management answered:

It is sometimes said that one can get away with anything in Aristasia (dress-wise) so long as one can carry it off with style. Of course within reason. No one can get away with track-suits or dungarees because no one can carry them off with style – unless she is carrying them off to the dump.

Short hair is a tricky issue partly because it is so associated with the masculinism of the Pit. If one wears it one needs to carry it off with a very great deal of style, which means that it is not an “easy option” at all. It needs to be very sharp and very Vintesse or Infra. One needs to dress and make up very carefully to convey the statement that this is not bongo short hair but something quite different and pretty much opposite therefrom.

Naturally short hair is much more acceptable for a brunette than for a blonde. Short hair on a blonde is a very bold move indeed and only the cleverest of stylists should attempt that.

As to rules, there are no Empire-wide ones on this subject, though each District will have its own regulations and particular institutions, such as schools and military establishments will usually have stricter ones.

Vintesssienne Short Styles

Miss Iris added:

I think short hair can look absolutely divine, but, as the management mentioned, one must have the right sort of cut. Vintesse cuts are very smart – I myself am out of touch with my province for wearing my hair long, but most pettes there wear theirs short and there is a whole range of styles. (Curly or waved bobs are best for blondes, I think.)

Other short styles that look smart are the Quirrie short ones. Most Quirrie clothes and styles are so feminine that the short cut just adds a touch of pertness and piquancy. Miss Audrey Hepburn is perhaps the finest example, but many Quirrie magazines feature blondes and brunettes with charming pin-curled and set short styles. Miss Kim Novak and Miss Leslie Caron are notable examples.

The Blonde Management noted:

And of course, short hair can mean so many different things when used with style. For Miss Hepburn it is terribly chic and sophisticated whereas with Miss Caron it is just the reverse – gamin and ever-so-slightly, but quite charmingly, gauche.