Miss Belleanne reported:

This evening I went to a shop in order to return a skirt I bought last weekend that had stopped making me happy. That was my specific purpose, from which I had no intention of deviating. I was in a single-minded hurry.

And yet, I came out again with a box of raspberry truffles and a red feather boa.

Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else?

Umm Jack replied:

Quite the opposite. I go into the shop intending to spend money but I am either dissatisfied with the wares available, or nothing fits, and my feminine frustration knows no bounds.

Perhaps this is one of those blonde-brunette divisions, on par with “do you imagine yourself kissing or being kissed” –  is it more likely that you will come out of a shop with less than you intended, or more?

Miss Belleanne admitted:

I confess I like shopping in America, because while finding attractive garments here is quite a crusade, it was impossible to locate anything elegant in the town where I spent my first eighteen years. Even crumbs are delicious after such a famine!

Miss Annya bragged:

Being in England and relatively poor is quite fun from a shopping point of view. We find such delightful things in charity shops at such idiotically low prices. Particularly useful when one has put on just a tiddly-widdly little bit of weight and had to invest in a new wardrobe.

Though actually, the most exciting thing recently has been quite a few really up-to-date umbrellas. Until recently one has envied the divine Miss Honey for her umbrellas, now one is feeling just a touch smug.

Miss Belleanne added:

About an hour ago I joined the happy ranks of Bourjois “Rouge Pop Chic” lip gloss wearers. It was a completely unintentional side-effect of going to Ulta for a new box of cleansing cloths pour le visage. Seems to be working out nicely.