Miss Christine Batten wondered:

Although still languishing in the outermost of the circles, I aspire to truly Aristasian blondeness. I would be overjoyed if my beloved “brunette” Josephine had similar ambitions but she believes there is no place for her in Aristasia. She hails from Tellurian Nigeria and is about as brunette as one could be, in appearance. Can anyone help me persuade her otherwise?

Miss Sushuri Novaryana replied:

Dear Miss Batten – I do not know on what grounds your brunette feels there is no place for her in Aristasia. If she fears that she would not be welcome, please allow me to lay that fear to rest. There are girls from all over Telluria involved in Aristasia at various levels – from Kenya, Jamaica, China, India and lots of other places.

You mention being on the outermost circle of Aristasia, and it is true, as you have clearly understood, that Aristasians do think in circles (no blonde jokes here, please) from the outermost circle, where one simply has a general attachment to Aristasia, probably among many other attachments in the Pit, to the innermost where one regards Aristasia as one’s true Nation and Culture and no longer sees oneself as a Tellurian at all.

Whatever level one is at, the question is the same regardless of where one comes from in Telluria – how far does one identify with Aristasia?

So please tell your brunette that girls are welcome in Aristasia wherever they come from, whatever their colour or culture. And they are welcome at any level – so if a girl is thinking that she wants to retain lots of her Tellurian culture, that is fine, an outerish circle is where she wants to be. If she wants to become fully Aristasian but wonders how her cultural background will fit in, remember that Aristasia has assimilated girls from just about everywhere. The process of becoming fully Aristasian is different for each individual, but race and culture are not barriers.

Miss Belleanne added:

I used to live next door to a Nigerian girl named Fatima who was so beautiful that I could barely keep from sighing when I met her in the lift or the laundry-room. She and her brother had been sent overseas for their education (their father was rather an important emir; I looked him up once), and she was one of the few truly polite and graceful people I met there. I say, the more Nigerians the better!

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