Miss Victoria Mayhew admitted:

I tend to melt when I attend the cinema. And no, not just because of the swooningly dashing brunette actresses. Some films are just so wholesome and innocent and a relief to my soul that I can’t help but get a little teary-eyed. I recently saw Cheaper By The Dozen and burst into tears. National Velvet, Gone With The Wind, Little Women…I love the silver screen! There’s a certain enchantment about it, isn’t there? Almost as though we are closer to the Idea as opposed to the mere Form.

Miss Caroline agreed:

Oh yes, Miss Mayhew is so right! Real films can be such a relief to the soul – I do think that is one of the reasons we blondes – or some of us – seem to get so almost-unaccountably emotional. It is the sense of goodness and rightness and real femininity that one gets from real films. Once – this will sound so silly – I cried because an actress in a Trentish film was wearing such a beautiful art-neo jacket. But it is more than that, isn’t it – it is all the style and purity and glamour that such a jacket represents.

Perhaps that is why some of us cry – especially if we live in Telluria – because we see the ideal that we so much long for and so seldom see in our everyday life. Yet I am sure that is not the only reason.

Oh – one more thought – I was going back into the Archive and looking at the blonde from Sakura. I was rather impressed with the way her very-blonde hair fell over one eye. Only I hoped it was entirely sound and not a bit well, silly in the wrong way, if you know what I mean. I do hope not as I did rather adore it.

Veronica Lake

Miss Lindie said:

You know I am sure I have seen the most adorable bob in a Vintesse film, cut in a positively geometric art-neo swathe over one eye – though I can’t remember whom it belonged to or which film it was in. Certainly my friend Miss Falconer at some time cultivated a wonderful jet-black bob covering her left eye most of the time.

Of course one can always capture charming things, but one feels much safer with a precedent, does one not? And if any one should worry about over-the-eye styles, as fate would have it, our delightful Miss Mayhew has recently supplied us with a locus classicus with which nomaid could argue – assuming she had any breath to argue with! – Miss Veronica Lake.