May Queen

May Day is a traditional term for the feast of the Exaltation of the Queen of Heaven, and the crowning of the Queen of the May is a custom of the day, as is the raising and decorating of the maypole, which represents the Sacred Tree connecting Heaven with the lower world. 

The Exaltation of the Queen of Heaven is the most glorious of the Daughter-Festivals: the culmination of the Daughter-half of the year that begins at Nativity. As Princess of the World, the Daughter governs all the cycles of life and nature; as Priestess of the World, She gives us Communion with Her Mother; as Queen of Heaven, She rules all the higher worlds and brings us to the Celestial Throne. The Paradise of the Daughter, or Jewelled Island, is the Heaven-World for those who, without attaining final liberation and still in the “individual” state, are taken into the pure and blessed haven of the Daughter’s love.