Miss Victoria Mayhew introduces herself:

My name is Victoria, and I am a blonde. I currently reside by myself in Vintesse. I was raised in Quirinelle for the first few years of my life, but my brunette mother died and my blonde mother moved back to western Arcadia to live with her family for a while. Most of my childhood was spent with my blonde mother (Miss Mariana Michford) and her sister, Lady Iris de Winter (a brunette). However, I have also spent much time with my aunt, a blonde professor named Miss Juliana Mayhew, in Trent as well as in a small town on the edge of Quirinelle called Eastminster. After my mother had ended her years of first and second mourning, she found herself swept off her feet by a former classmate, Miss Anna Milchford, who is actually my stepmother, so I suppose my aunt Juliana is not really my aunt, but I’ve always called her that…

Anyway, I have two younger stepsisters, Leila and Elspeth (blonde and brunette, respectively) and they are both in boarding school right now. As for myself, I received private tutoring from Aunt Juliana. Perhaps that might account for my conservative views on some matters. Most of my relatives are originally Arcadian. Not that we don’t have our fair share of bohemians in the family, but in matters of fashion and taste we do tend to be quite provintal. Purple hair simply does not exist in Arcadia, or even in Trent or Quirinelle! My cousin, Olympia (de Winter) is crazy enough to try a stunt like that, but she wants to serve in the army once she graduates from the University, and somehow I don’t think that they will allow her such an affectation.

I graduated from a small blonde college at the University of Milchford three years ago and currently support myself by tutoring – I suppose I am like my aunt in many ways, except I am not quite so formidable as she is. Also, I write poetry – but one cannot pay the bills on that. Alas.