Three maids

Aristasia Pura is called a “Feminine Empire” because it is precisely that. It is not a Female Empire because “female” means “one of two sexes, of which the other is male”. Aristasia has two sexes, blonde and brunette, neither of which is female but both of which are feminine.

Femininity is ultimately a cosmic quality or reality. Just as our physical sun incarnates the universal Solar Principle, so feminine creatures (including human females) incarnate the universal Principle of Femininity.

In Telluria, femininity is represented by the Sushuric (Venusian) principle of concord and love while masculinity is represented by the Vikhelic (Martian) principle of discord and war. In Aristasia, however, we have two feminine sexes: blondes (chelini) and brunettes (melini), respectively represented by the sister-principles of Sushuri (concord and love) and Thamë (harmony and order).

So Aristasians have complementary rather than opposite sexes. The Vikhelic principle still exists in Aristasia, and is more manifested through brunettes than through blondes, but it is not the primary characteristic of one of the sexes as it is in Telluria. In other words, neither sex is masculine. Masculinity is not one of the possibilities that is manifested in Aristasia.

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