Sai Candre

Sai Raya, the Sun, is the Great Luminary. Sai Candre, the Moon, is the Lesser Luminary. At her highest level, the moon is seen as the great Daughter Principle, just as the Sun is the great Mother Principle. The Lunar realm is the realm of imagination and also of mental activity. The word “mind” comes from the same root as “moon”. While the pure Intellect which sees Truth directly is by nature Solar, the reflected Intellectual light which is our earthly reason is lunar (mental or moon-like), as also is our imagination.

As the Sun is the embodiment of the Spirit, so the moon rules the world of the soul. The sphere of Sai Candre is that most immediately “above” (that is to say, more subtle than) our mundane plane of being. It is the psychic domain. What Theosophists and New Agers call the “astral plane” really refers (insofar as it refers to anything) to the Lunar Realm.

The psychic domain is governed by Sai Candre, as is the mana-maya kosa, that subtle body which is the repository of impulses, feelings and thoughts (mana is etymologically connected with both moon and mind). The image-sphere is also in the domain of Sai Candre.

Since Sai Candre governs earthly reason, the Latin mens — the basis for both mind and month — also gives us words for measurement, such as mensuration. The word reason itself comes from ratio: to measure. Modern materialistic “rationalism” holds that our only sources of information are the impressions conveyed to us by the five senses plus the operations upon them of the reason. However, the very axioms of thought — beginning with the intuition that our thought-processes correspond to any objective reality outside themselves (which rationalist philosophy illogically takes for granted while denying the solar Intellect) and proceeding to such intuitions as those of mathematics and logic — for example the axiom that a thing cannot both be and not be — derive from the Solar Intellect. This is natural, for the light of the Moon is the reflected light of the Sun. Without Sunlight (pure Intellect) there is no Moonlight (earthly reason).

In Filianic thealogy, the Moon is seen as a type of the Daughter, who reflects the light of the Solar Mother (who is “too bright for us to look upon”) in a gentle form adapted to our fallen sight. She is the Mediatrix between the Solar Spirit and the fallen world. Thus Sai Candre is also seen as the archetypal Priestess.

Sai Candre is also the Janya of purity and of wild creatures.

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