Long, long ago (in gaming years), there was a Tellurian girly version of the Nintendo classic Super Mario Brothers. It is actually called Great Giana Sisters (Great for Super, you see – the game even paralleled the title of the original word for word) and was published by a company called Rainbow Arts.


In Aristasia Pura this may have been something like the original form of the game, but in Telluria, of course, it was a copy. It was produced for the Commodore 64 ordinator and the Amiga (which means girl-friend by the way). However, not surprisingly, Nintendo was a touch piqued at this rather blatant swoggling of its flagship franchise, and equally unsurprisingly threatened to take legal action. The game was withdrawn.

I have heard that Great Giana Sisters was actually quite good, though the title screen artwork, as you can see, while jolly, is hardly Nintendo quality. Of course in those days in-game graphics were fairly rudimentary anyway and the ones in this game were well implemented by the standards of the time.

Here is the story of the game. I am not sure of the original language, though it does appear to be a translation:

One night, when little Giana from Milano was fast asleep, she had a strange dream. Everybody dreams weird things at night, but no-one will have experienced situations such as Giana is about to. Giana suddenly finds herself in a strange mysterious world, where everything is completely different. Gravity has almost disappeared – sometimes one feels like flying away – and everywhere there are unexplainable buildings and structures. Old grottos and deserted castles seem to hide lots of secrets, and frightening and hideous creatures appear. This wouldn’t be too bad, except that Giana can’t leave this world unless she finds the magic, huge diamond. So she starts searching for this wonderful jewel. However, she is not totally alone, for her little sister Maria can dream too.

There is a version of this game available for loading down here and it even appears that it can be played on-line by several players at once, which was a very exciting thought for the Game Friends Club. I have tried it but found it confusing and it does not appear to work properly in all respects. I am told it is not nearly as good as the original Great Giana Sisters. Perhaps some one else will have better luck with it than I had. Do let me know if you do – or if you find a good working version of the game.

However there are lots of top-quality girly-games around now, such as Alice in Wonderland (Gamebaby) and Lady Sia (Gamebaby Advance), with the finest graphics and the very latest technics from Novaria; so we need not feel too deprived.