The Cocktail Bar was one of the earliest places for Aristasians to meet in Elektraspace, and some strange and wonderful conversations were had there! You can still see most of them in the Cocktail Bar Archives. Here is a example: Daffodil is speaking…

Ah, Pettes. It is to wonderful to travel. It is even Better to return. The warmth and friendship, hip!, here are dear to me. You darlings are the most Wonderful companions a girl could Hope for. I just love you so much. Oh, am I being too overly maudlin? Well, I have Just come from a Champagne Reception for this terrific artist, Marinetti and they served lots of it. Champagne. I do so like Bubbly, hup!

She’s part of the Vintesse ‘Mama/Futurist movement’. She designs recipes for dinner performances. How can I possibly describe it? Oh, wait! I have a program…Here is her Autumn Musical Dinner:

“In a hunter’s cabin secluded in a green-blue-gilded forest, two couples sit down at a rough wood table made from trunks of oak.

“The brief blood-red twilight lies in agony beneath the enormous bellies of darkness as if under rain-soaked and seemingly liquid whales.

“As they wait for the peasant cook, the only food that passes along the still empty table is the whistle that the wind makes through the door lock, to the left of the diners.

“Dueling with that whistle is the long, sharp wail of a violin note escaping from the room on the right belonging to the cook’s convalescent brunette daughter.

“Then, silence for a moment. Then, two minutes of chick peas in oil and vinegar. Then seven capers. Then twenty-five liqueur cherries. Then twelve fried potato chips. Then a silence of a quarter of an hour during which the mouths continue to chew the vacuum. Then, a sip of Barolo wine held in the mouth for one minute. Then a roast quail for each of the guests to look at and inhale the smell without eating. Then four long handshakes to the peasant cook and off they all go in the darkness-wind-rain of the forest.”

She calls herself a Futurist, hep!, Aeropoet. Need I add that she’s simply the most Intense Brunette I’ve ever met? Barpette, may I have a brimming glass of French Fizzy stuff?

Patience and I are just back from a Romantic jaunt to the continent via Zeppelin. Patience knows I love to travel by airship and arranged the Excursion as a surprise. Isn’t she tops? Have I shown you her picture? Wait… I have one in my bag somewhere… Oh, here she is in her new yellow hat.

She took me first to Berlin for a week. We attended some Night Spots where the entertainment was certainly Eye Popping. The costumes on the, hip!, girls, well, I don’t consider myself Prudish in the least but I blushed crimson never-the-less.

Our next stop was Madrid. The second night, while staying at a lovely villa, we had a dinner of spiced chicken and rice accompanied by a smooth Port. It was there and then that Patience agreed to set a date. Do you know, I nearly Fell off my seat!

We have been betrothed now for nearly three years and every time I brought up the subject of setting a date, Patience found some excuse to put it off. First it was her, hoop!, family. Then her work. I love her so deeply that I was willing to wait until eternity. Yet I despaired we would ever Actually marry. And here she was asking if May or June would be alright. Well, I set her straight at once. Anyone knows no wedding can be Properly planned in a month or two. The engraver alone needs three for the invitations. And for my dress, Goodness, I’d need twice that time. Perhaps later I could impose on Miss Anita, our Paramount Studios Archivist, for some suggestions?

I’m the luckiest Blonde in the world, hip!