My name is Nancy Moore and I am a 15 year old blonde from Dovedale in Quirinelle. I live with my parents and my older brunette sister, Estella who is 19 and my younger blonde sister Coco, who’s real name is actually Claudia. She is 10.

My family are dairy farmers and we also have a huge orchard containing apple, plum and pear trees and best of all cherry trees which are my favorite as they look so nice all year round and I adore cherries. My family all live close by, I have cousins all within walking distance. Last year my cousins organised a dance in one of the farm’s barns and all the older girls could go along, I wasn’t allowed but I did sneak a look. They had a gramaphone and bunting and a table almost groaning with food! This year Mother says I may go if Estella promises to keep an eye on me. And if I do go I can wear my new dress, it is blue with a cherry print.

I have a tree house that used to be Estella’s until she got too old and said it was only for babies, but I love it. Mummy often makes sandwiches and cakes and large bottles of cold lemonade for me and Eliza (my best friend) to take with us and we sit up there for hours on end. Only Eliza is only home over the summer as she attends a boarding school in the eastern Quirrie.

Last winter I had a baby cow to look after all by myself which was quite fun. She was born in February, and was such a wee thing and I had to hand feed her and everything. Her name is Honey and she is quite a darling,. She has the loveliest big brown eyes and always comes to me when I call her name.