I was born a certain number of years ago in Telluria. What I thought as a baby I cannot tell, but as I grew to more explicitly thinking-years I was profoundly aware that this place was not my home. The people were strange and alien to me and never became less so.

As I grew older, I saw up-to-date (’30s to ’50s) films sometimes and saw a world that made more sense to me. It was less insane, but it was still certainly not my world.

I had a constant sense that I had come from somewhere else, and that I had a reason for being here, and that reason was somehow to serve my Homeland.

Mentally I often felt in contact with people from the Homeland. They reassured me when I felt terrible. They told me that there were others in Telluria and that I should be united with them. I met people who assured me that I should know them later. I knew snatches about my Homeland. Even a few words of its speech.

I told people I was not from this world. Some laughed and some were interested, but none seemed to be my countrymaids.

I had spiritual yearnings and tried for a time to be a Christian. Despite all my efforts the religion felt terribly alien to me. I could only approach it at all by seeing God as feminine.

I heard about the goddess Aphrodite and felt I must give myself to her. To me she was not a s*xual deity (I understood little about s*x then and not much more now). She was the quintessence of pure Divine Love. Later I understood that the Angel I belonged to was Sai Sushuri.

Finally in my later ‘teens I met with Aristasians. I had looked into many of the things that exist in Telluria (In a theoretical sort of way – I was too shy to go out and meet people, and anyway they never seemed like the right sort of people) and none of them had seemed even remotely right. Now things began to fall into place. I was doubly fortunate (or, more accurately, I was led) to find an Aristasian who was fully conversant with the way Pura touches on those of us who are exiled here. She believed a hundred percent in Pura and knew that she also came from there.

This was my homeland. This was the place I always knew I had come from. I was sure now.

I asked my new friend “Have I met you before? Did you tell me when I was fourteen that you would meet me in your physical body in a few years?”

She said “I believe so. I have met several people in the aethyr. Of course it is cloudy there for those accustomed to looking with the physical eye. But I feel you must be one of those I met.”

There are many kinds of Aristasian in Telluria. Some are children of Telluria who dip their toes into the waters of Aristasia and a few eventually take the Full Plunge. But some are Purans who never were at home in Telluria. Some, like myself, were always very conscious of the Motherland. For others it was merely a vague uneasiness that became clearer as they grew up and eventually made sense upon encountering Aristasia.

But I know well that I was guided by daughters of the Motherland from the day I set foot on this strange world, and I know that others were too. And I know now that the Empire has finally taken a fully active part in guiding and directing Aristasia-in-Telluria. And I think that is why I am here and why others of us are here.

So I want to say two things. Please understand that Aristasia Pura is real, and that its daughters are looking after us; and if you are one of our lost sisters who never felt at home in Telluria and had even a small hint of the Motherland, please come home. You need us and we need you.