Miss Sakura wrote:

Very early in my life I felt I was in the wrong world and from a young age I had dreams (night dreams and day dreams) of a world where all people were ladies. I felt I had friends in that world and when I layed down I would talk to those friends.

Sometimes when I was very young I believed that if I did this little thing or did not do that thing, it would help or hurt my friends in this other world that was my true home. As I grew a bit older I knew these were just my personal superstitions and I thought that the whole thing about another world might be a fantasy of my own.

But still I felt this world very strongly, and my other-world friends told me when I layed down that I will meet them in this physical world in some years to come. There was one who spoke to me often and said she was in another place in this physical world and she hoped we could meet one day. And others told me there were many of us who belonged not to this earth but to a feminine world, and that we are coming together to make an outpost of the feminine world.

All this I knew before I heard the name of Aristasia. Now I know that Aristasia is the name of the world I had always dreamed of, and I believe some of my friends are here in Aristasia.

I wonder if we will know one another, because there is a veil between the non-physical communication and the physical world. The powerful lady who told me many of these things years ago might be you, my lady. Do you remember telling a small girl that you were in the physical world and we may meet?

No matter. I know my friends are here; old friends and new friends and I know this is my home. Thank you all for being here.

Perhaps we have been sent from the Motherland to be born in this strange world for a purpose? I wonder what that purpose is?

Most important of all is to find our friends again!