Miss Norma continues:

No more attempts at philosophy this time, Darlings, I’ll cut right to the chase. So here is Marissa, our own high fashion model, wearing the ne plus ultra of floral hats – why, she seems to be carrying her very own meadow of June flowers about with her! (By the way, the diamonds are real! The Duchess of Alba keeps rooms at the Warwick, and she is in Bermuda for the week, so she lent Marissa a few of her diamonds in exchange for a credit under the photo.) Next time I shall show you some fall hats – which employ mainly fabrics, feathers and furs rather than flowers.

Oh, yes, and also a delightfully airy summer bonnet, set off with gay ribbons, that is actually called Fountain of Youth! Just like my favorite cocktail – an equal mixture of gin, vermouth and sugar syrup. (No kidding!)

Oh, but why keep you waiting for the Fountain of Youth? I see some liquid ones are already being set on their tray, so I suppose there is no better time to show you the eponymous hat. So here it is, too! The model’s name is Sydney.

Miss Kresha reminisces:
The floral hat (pictured above) reminded me of the time when mother took me to her favorite dress and millinery shop and bought me my own first hat. Even though it looked nothing like the one pictured, it still invoked my memory. I was fourteen, aflush with anticipation and nervous. I must have tried on thirty hats, from pillbox to extravagantly costumed styles. It was then that mother stepped in and directed my attention to a wide brimmed straw in navy. A white polka-dot navy scarf and a navy polka-dot scarf were haphazardly twisted around the flat crown. The ends separated at the rear and then formed an opposing bow at the rear. Walking out of Malina’s shop with my hat box swinging from my fingertips was an act of shouting to the world … “I, Kresha Matay, am a woman!!!”

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