Miss Cornelia remembers her day:
Well, today I was set to get on the autobus (I think it’s called) to visit my brunette mother. She lives in a city a few hours north of my own, which is also home to the museum at which I shall be apprenticed during the summer. The kindly brunettes in charge of it wish to speak with me before said apprenticeship commences.

I packed my best suit and hat, and several pairs of stockings (as I always manage to ruin at least one), and tripped down to wait where the telephone operator told me to. It wasn’t ten minutes before I saw the autobus go whizzing happily by. The departure spot had changed, and the operator had not known. Alas! So now I must try to catch it tomorrow.

But: lemons to lemonade. I used the time thus freed up to work in my garden. Weeds are very stubborn things! I gave the azaleas and lilacs a good grooming, as well, and watered my big pots full of strawberry plants. It was then that I met Pug, the most adorable spider ever.

Pug is a little black thing, very stout and squat. She walks about like a bossy, short-legged dog, and seems to know her own mind — for she would not move from the strawberry pot she had chosen to rest on no matter how much she was watered, or how hard she was jostled. It seems she has decided to stick about.

I don’t mind, really, for she seems very bodyguard-ish. When I was young, I was very terrified of spiders — so imagine my horror when we moved into a new house which seemed to be filled with them. As many as five or six would congregate on my ceiling each night! It was then that my blonde mother told me that, in fact, these were the Advance Guard and Royal Advisors of the Spider Princess. The Spider Princess, you see, can turn into the most dashing brunette when she wants to (even if she is a bit tall and long-limbed), and — imagine! — I had been betrothed to her at birth! The Spider Princess wished her soldiers to keep an eye on me. Isn’t that sweet? How could I be afraid of them after learning this?

(I’m still waiting for her to show up, but one mustn’t rush royalty.)