Our beloved Dea continues to show herself to us even in this Dark Age of Telluria, the Kali Yuga.

Carola wrote:
In the year 1615 the statue of Our Lady in a small town in my neighbourhood shed tears. This was watched by two priests and a lot of people from the congregation. After the tears were carefully removed Our Lady went on crying for an hour. Only three years later the Thirty Years War started, which devastated Germany almost completely and in which more than two thirds of the population lost their lives.

It seems that the appearances of Our Lady are the purest stream of tradition. Where as other streams of tradition in due course of time move off from their origin, are becoming broader, but also more shallow; Our Lady Herself rejuvenates Her tradition again and again, by Her appearances. It is very important indeed, that She appears not only in a Christian context, but also in Buddhist and in Hindu forms. This makes it clear that She is the final goal of every devotion and the original origin of every tradition.

René Guénon mentions in The Crisis of the Modern World, that besides the current of the Kali Yuga, to move always further from the Divine Centre, there is also a counter-current leading back to the truth. If we look at the history of the appearances, we can see that the true glory of Our Lady is more and more revealed and from the very beginning She is asking for and even demanding Her worship. It is obvious, that as the line of appearances evolves through the centuries, it is heading for a reestablishing of the complete Truth. The last dogma of Our Lady accepted by the Catholic church before the Eclipse is the Immaculate Conception, which is completely in line with the ancient matriarchal wisdom.

“O Eternal Mother, how wonderful are your ways. Even in the desert of this Iron Age, you never abandon your children. You appear again and again in many beautiful forms to reassure us of Your presence and to invite us to become your devotees and to live a life of dignity and humility. What else can be gained besides your love? And Your love You are giving freely to whoever is opening her heart. Bind me to Your heart, so that the horrid storms of the Kali Yuga can not shake me and take me away.”