Miss Beaumarsh wrote:

Whilst taking a gentle stroll in Elektraspace, I found references to several of Miss Angela Brazil’s wonderful school novels — with examples of their lovely covers. I hope to share more of them with you in due course, but I thought I’d start with this one, as I have an older sister of the same name, who was born, and lives in Vintesse. Pip Pip, Kitty I hope you enjoy this!

Unfortunately these marvelous stories have been out of print for quite some time, but one can occasionally find up-to-date, second-hand copies in the right shops, and also in Elektraspace- but it is worth looking around to note variations in prices, as some naughty booksellers have them at jolly unreasonable prices. Quelle swindle!

Anyway I’m sounding quite brunette with all this talk of bargaining! I’ll leave you blondes to admire the pretty cover illustration!

I thought I’d add another jolly book cover, dedicated to my younger sister Eve this time! Any of you Avendale pupils (or Mistresses!) who have had the good fortune to meet this delightful young lady (cough cough!) may see why it is appropriate! I must explain, she is a rather lively, robust brunette whom I have had some difficulty in disciplining. Perhaps I should send her back to Avendale to become reaccquainted with the venerable Misses Serelique and Wardelle.

Miss Gillian commented:

Up-to-date schoolgirl books are in some ways as near to paradisial as Telluria gets. They present an all-female world, and especially in the gentler ones (like those of Miss Angela Brazil), a very sweet, loving world motivated largely by kindness and good will.