Miss Miranda pops in:

Well, hello to all of you grown ups here in this bar. I am new and if my Brunette Mummie knew I was here, what lines I might get! But my Brunette Mummie doesn’t know, so please, don’t tell her! I mean, I haven’t even had my coming out party yet, so how in the world could I be so very “out” as I am here, in this gorgeous cocktail bar. I would feel a bit more shy, except that I am never shy and after all, I have been reading books about places like this one for years! So Barmaid, could I please have a soda from that soda fountain over there?I might be a bit naughty just by being here, but even I know better than to ask for a real cocktail, say, like a Manhattan (I read about those too!), I mean, you wouldn’t actually give me a Manhattan, would you? And, perhaps with an extra cherry like that one over there?

Now, I feel I just have to answer Miss Barbara’s question about being stuck in the Pit, all the while having an Aristasian body and soul. And really, I can’t believe it took little fourteen-year-old me to answer this question, and the question must have the simplest answer if such a blonde Blonde as yours truly can come up with it so easily.

The answer is this: move to Aristasia! I mean, even if you can’t really, you can in your head, don’t you know? Miss Barbara, just go there when life is so terrible! I know I have, for, to be completely honest, I don’t really have a Brunette Mummie or a Blonde Mummie for that matter, because I also am from the Pit, but in my head I have these Mummies and in my head all of the cars are round and beautiful and all of the clothes are completely up-to-date! In my head, you see. Just go there in your head and you’ll see that what is in your head is real and what is in the “real” world is false. That’s what magic is, and once you visit Aristasia, you understand that magic is so much more real than anything else.

Of course, Olyvya is right, if you can meet with other real girls who think as you do, it can be so much easier, but even on your own this will work! For instance, today I lost an hour, simply misplaced it, and I was supposed to go somewhere at noon, and when I looked at the clock, it was 1:00, and I was so shocked! Well, where I really live everyone was so roll-their-eyes-at-me but in Aristasia, in my head, everyone simply said, as they patted me on my back, “Why, of course, dear, Blondes, especially very young Blondes and very Blonde Blondes, always misplace hours. Don’t worry your sweet head about it.” So much more sane, don’t you think, Miss Barbara?

Thank you, Barmaid, for the Manhattan, um, er, I mean the lovely cream soda. It’s everything I always dreamed it would be. Thank you to all my new friends for listening to me go on and on and on.

Ta ta!