The Mysterious AccessoryMiss Nicola wrote:

I have just found this delightful picture of the Quirinelle actress Romy Schneider – some pettes might remember her from the film Mädchen in Uniform. I was quite taken aback by this and felt that I simply had to share it. There is something about a veil that is so mysterious, I never quite manage to pull it off myself.

Miss Gillian commented:

What a glorious veiled lady. Yes, I feel a veil is the most mysterious accessory too – in fact when you called it in your popup “The Mysterious Accessory” I found myself almost taken aback to hear it referred to as an accessory at all. Gloves are an accessory and a charming one. So are handbags. But a veil seems something almost too secret and sacred, too magical and mysterious to be an accessory. Something that marks out a woman as a strange and beautiful Creature Apart.

Well, I know it is an accessory, but does anyone know what I mean – or am I just being silly without even being a blonde?

Miss Barbara had a different point of view:

Jinky VeilMiss Gillian, darling – there is nothing silly in a brunette’s being captivated by the mystery and magic of a veil. Brunettes can be romantics too, you know. And should be in my opinion.

So I hope no one will think me iconoclastic if I demonstrate that veils are not always mysterious and shiveracious, but can sometimes be quite jinky. Not normally, I grant you, but here is a picture I found that captures the veil in its lighter mood.

I hope you all like it as much as I do, and if it gives one girl the courage to try a veil, I shall not have sent it in vain.

For I should just love to meet one of you in a veil.

And umm – does anyone have any thoughts on the subject of kissing through a veil. I confess the idea thrills me.