The Mother is the Creator of the world, and Ground of all being. She is pure Life, pure Light and pure energy. All life, all action and all thought flow from Her.

The Mother, the Creatrix, is Dea seen in Her expansive or creative mode. The term “energy” needs to be treated carefully. It should certainly not be confused in any way with the conceptions of modern physics. The Sanskrit term shakti, understood in its highest sense, as the creating, enabling and animating power of the cosmos, is much nearer to the sense intended here. The Mother can also be seen as Maya, the all-beneficent provider of the world She has made for us to inhabit.

Her Daughter is pure love. As Princess of the World, She governs all the cycles of life and nature; as Priestess of the World, She gives us Communion with Her Mother; as Queen of Heaven, She shall bring us at last to the Celestial Throne.

The Daughter is Dea in Her aspect of Love. We may see that She is, in some senses, continuous with the Mother — continuing Her creative play, manifesting the love that is inherent in the Mother and mediating these things to our fallen state. Some would argue that the separation between Mother and Daughter is to some extent artificial, but the Filianists regard Her as the form in which we should approach Dea because She makes our approach to the Mother possible, especially in this dark age.

The Dark Mother is Absolute Deity, Who existed before the beginning of existence and is beyond being and unbeing. She is outside space and time; She is all that is and all that is not. The exhalation of Her breath or Spirit is our Mother, the Creator of the world. Of Her other Acts, our minds cannot conceive.

The term “dark” refers to her unknowability, and, to an extent, to the darkness we feel in relation to the final dissolution of the light-world we know: a dissolution which is, in reality, a merging into the love and oneness of Dea. In a certain sense the “Darkness” of the Dark Mother is seen as a Higher Light; a Light so elevated that it does not dazzle our “eyes”, as does the Light of the Mother, but is wholly imperceptible to them. This Mystery is expressed in the words:

Absolute Deity,
Dark beyond the Light, and Light beyond the Darkness.

From A Short Catechism of the Children of Dea