Moura, the current month, is the last in the Aristasian year. The Aristasian Perpetual Calendar will allow you to see all Aristasian dates for any year in relation to the Tellurian dates and to find all the Aristasian Festivals and Seasons.

This is the Westrenne Calendar, a five-month solar calendar of thirteen 28-day months. It is used in the five Westrenne Provinces, including Novaria, in much of West Arcadia and in a few parts of far-West “Amazonia”.

In most parts of the East that are in regular communication with the West, the Westrenne Calendar is used for secular purposes, since it is universally known and very uncomplicated in comparison with some Estrenne calendar systems.

In the West and some near parts of the East it is both the Sacred and the secular Calendar, and that is its status in Aristasia-in-Telluria (although we also tend to use the Tellurian Calendar as a secular Calendar, at least for purposes of cross-reference).

The resemblance of the Aristasian devotional Calendar to the Christian Calendar has been observed, particularly in the festivals of Eastre and Nativity and its stress on the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days. In fact this Calendar is the natural one for Europe because of the divinely-ordained symbolism of its climate and seasons, as it is for the Aristasian West. Even in Telluria it is much older than Christianity.

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