Mengxia Yu adapted this story from a traditional Tellurian legend:

One day, two huntresses were out hunting for food in the Black Hills. They saw a white buffalo calf approaching them, and as they drew nearer it transformed into a beautiful maiden.

One of the huntresses had bad thoughts in her mind, so the maiden told her to step forward. The huntress did, and a black cloud descended over her body. When it dissipated, the huntress’s body had become withered and old.

The other huntress knelt and prayed to Dea. When she did this, the maiden told her to return to her people to tell them: “In four days, I shall bring you a sacred object.”

The second huntress did just as she was told. She immediately returned and gathered the elders, leaders, and all the maids in a circle. She told them what she had seen, and what the maiden had instructed her to do.

As promised, the maiden returned four days later. A cloud descended from the sky, and a white buffalo calf stepped from the cloud. The white buffalo calf stood up and transformed into the beautiful young maiden carrying the sacred object, the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, in her hands. She entered the circle of the maids, singing a sacred song.

The maiden remained for four days, teaching the maids. She taught them seven sacred ceremonies: The purification ceremony, the child naming ceremony, the healing ceremony, the adoption ceremony, the marriage ceremony, the vision quest, and the sun-dance ceremony. She taught them songs and the traditional ways. She taught them that as long as they remembered these ways, took care of the land, and served Dea, their people would never die, but always live.

When she had finished teaching the maids, she told them that one day she would return for the White Buffalo Calf Pipe. She gave them another gift, a prophecy: The birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that she would soon return. When she returned, she would purify the world, bringing back spiritual harmony and balance.

She departed the way she came, transforming into a white buffalo calf that stepped into a cloud which rose into the sky.

The birth of every white buffalo is a sign of Dea’s support for maidenkind against the Forces of Darkness. She is with us in these times of great danger.