What is the right way for we who love Our Lady? Who understand the value of tradition and the wrongfulness of the Pit, and yet cannot cease to love the Mother? Outside the West there are countless millions who know Her and love Her. In the West even the most traditional are holding to tradition only by the slenderest thread.

They say that in this Kali Yuga, chanting the name of Dea is the best way. Some say one should be initiated to do so, but I have heard that there are certain mantras that everyone may use. One for those who love the mother is


This means “OM Hail Holy Mother”. OM is the primordial syllable that contains all things. It goes as near as we can go to the root of sacred language – to the unheard Word from whence all words proceed.

So let us set up a picture or statue to Her. Let us light candles and incense to Her. Let us chant:


Let us simply offer prayers and incense to the Mother and chant Her mantra, and in our very simple way (for we are very humble children in a very low and foolish age) are we not one with the Ladies of Jerusalem who offered honey-cakes to the Queen of Heaven? With the Collyridians who offered cakes or bread to Her? With Her ancient worshippers through the millennia that are not written down? With the millions who love Her still in the East?

All of us may be united in the love of Dea, the pure and perfect heart of our tradition, which is the oldest tradition of all.