Life Theatre is the key to much of what happens in Aristasia. Life Theatre, as the name implies, means acting out roles – not for the benefit of an audience but as part of our own lives. In Life Theatre we explore the different people we could be in Aristasia. The same girl may play a blonde and a brunette, a schoolmistress and a schoolgirl, an eastern noblemaid full of ancient dignity and courtesy and a Vintesse Jazz Baby or Quirinelle Jive Bunny.

Life Theatre helps us both to realise our own inner possibilities and populate Aristasia with many different characters. Personae are not merely the products of casual roleplay. Some may be adopted merely for a single appearance, but others may take on a life of their own, becoming characters in their own right.

The Aristasian novel Children of the Void is the locus classicus for Life Theatre. In this book there are some 22 characters but only seven physical bodies. The whole action of the book consists of the interplay between these characters.