The last day of the year is the 28th of Moura (18th March). For Filianists this is the day of the Daughter’s death. Non-Filianic Deanists usually regard it as the day of the “Inbreathing of Time” when the universe comes to an end and is breathed back into the Dark (i.e. unseen) Mother. As always this is primarily a matter of perspective rather than a “disagreement”. Non-Filianic Deanists are normally happy to attend Filianic Services and vice versa.

After the last day comes the Hiatus. In the Tellurian Calendar this leap year it is March the 19th and 20th but in the Aristasian calendar it has no date, for the Hiatus is outside the year. It represents the Night of Time. During it Filianists veil all statues and pictures of Dea. Very traditional Aristasians reduce all activity to a minimum on Hiatus, and it is generally considered ill advised for anyone to begin any important project or activity at this time.

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