Culverine the first (March 21st) is the first day of the New Year. Whether you call it New Year or Easter depends on how Filianic you are. It is, of course both.

Easter is one of the most fundamental names of Dea as bringer of Spring and Dawn. In Telluria the name derives directly from Teutonic Eostre (goddess of spring and dawn) who is the same as Greek Eos, Sanskrit Ushas, Semitic Ishtar/Esther. In the Hellenic and Indian traditions, Eos/Ushas was among the most important aspects of Dea worshipped before the masculinised pantheons came into being.

For Filianists Easter is the Resurrection of the Daughter. For Deanists the emphasis falls more on the creation of the world – the New Year being a microcosm of the Historical Cycle, and the Historical Cycle itself being a microcosm of the Day of Time – that is, the entire course of Cosmic Manifestation.

In either perspective Easter/New Year is a time of rebirth and revitalisation. As the resurrected Daughter walks over the barren earth, flowers grow at Her every step and the world becomes fruitful again.