Princess Peach is the Nintendo heroine who, though frequently kidnapped in her early life, has survived to become an active, adventurous and sporting princess. She is most Aristasians’ preference when playing light games. But is she a blonde or a brunette?

Miss Lindie reports:
Princess Peach is assuredly a blonde and always has been. Her hair seems to vary from light red to pale lemon – whether from nature or choice we cannot say. But it is true there are some enigmas in her history. In Nippon, she was always called Peach, however in the West there were various changes. In the original Donkey Kong the girl was Pauline – not royal and probably only a distant relation to Peach. Once the Princess arrived in the West, she was at first called Princess Toadstool. The name Peach only became fully current in the 3D era. Also there were some games in which the Princess was Daisy, an auburn brunette.

This is not really as confusing as it sounds. We now know that Princess Peach’s full name is Princess Peach Toadstool, while in Mario Tennis, the Princesses Peach and Daisy are shown to be two separate characters who can play doubles together or compete with one another. This should not be confusing to an Aristasian. Princess Daisy is Princess Peach’s brunette cousin who has at times in true Aristasian Life Theatre tradition enacted the role of her royal relative. She is in fact the ruler of another realm.

Both girls, though entitled Princess, are in fact rulers in their own right. Another curious fact is that while Princess Peach is human in form, her subjects are all Mushroom People, like Kinopio. This raises the question of marriage. It would clearly be impossible for Princess Peach to marry one of her subjects. The anarchic Tellurian argument that royal personages “are just like other people and could marry anybody” would hardly cut much ice in the Mushroom Realm. The Princess must clearly marry another royal personage of her own – um – shape. Since royal marriages are often in the family, her brunette cousin Daisy might even be a possibility, uniting two illustrious realms in time-honoured fashion.