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Major Articles
Ancient Matriarchy
Aristasia and the World Axis
Aristasia, Japan, Language and Culture
Aristasian Geography: Beyond the Map
Re-education and Racination
The Feminine Earth: Earth Mother, Sky Mother
Their Serene Highnesses
Three-Fold Dea
Werde and the Power of Maid
What is Myth?

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A Dovedale Girl
A Flying Visit
A Legend of Ithelia
A Mysterious Bottle
A Millinery Primer
A Millinery Primer Part 2
A Millinery Primer Part 3
A Missed ‘Bus
A New Poem by Sappho
A Quirinelle Diary
A Traveller Arrives
A Wander-Child
Aesthetics of Pettes in Space
Affection and Competition
An Art-Neo Palace
An Oasis
Ancient Matriarchy
Angela Brazil
Aristasia and the World Axis
Aristasia, Japan, Language and Culture
Aristasian Geography: Beyond the Map
Aristasian hymn: She hath Riven
Aristasians vs. “Science”
Art Neo in Aristasia Pura
At the Opera
Calamity Jane
Celeste de Gotha
Cradle of Tellurian Civilization?
Customs in Aristasia: Marriage and Succession
Deanists and Filianists
Do Parallel Lines Meet in Infinity?
Do Aristasians Believe in Fairies?
Duality and Vintesse
Education in Aristasia
Epic Poem: Darken the Sun?
Fairies from Vintesse?
Fates of the Janyatic Adjectives in Telluria
Flowers and Fleems
Formality and Fun
Forms of Address
Friendship in Elektraspace
From the Great Hymn to Mahalakshmi
Futurism at the Cocktail Bar
Good Fences, Good Neighbors
Government in Aristasia
Great and Terrible Dea
Hail Holy Mother
Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
History and Myth
Home-come Wanderer
How Do You Like My New Mindset?
How Many Miles to Abolan?
Intelligence and Success
Irrational Rationalism
Jenilow, the Castle and the Hover-Train
Jnana – Knowledge and Beauty
Kadorian Hair Styles
Language and the Pattern of History
Life theatre
Maids and the Law
Malinka’s Story
Many Devotions
Matriarchy, Patriarchy and Femininity
Miranda’s Mommies
Miss Victoria Mayhew
Modernism in Aristasia
Moura Bhajan
My Brunette
On Sentimental Religious Art
Once upon a Time
Ordinators and Hallucinogens
Our Lady in the Kali Yuga
Parlour Games
Princess Peach
Queen of the May
Quoting Nietzsche
Racinated creativity
Re-education and Racination
Rosa Mundi
Sai Candre and the Moon
Sai Raya and the Sun
Sai Rayanna’s Day
Shopping Accidents
Short Hair
Super Maria Sisters
Tea and Angelic Music
Thamë and Sithamë
The Angels Created Speech
The Compassionate Mother
The Calendar
The Curtsey
The Feminine Earth: Earth Mother, Sky Mother
The Feminine Sun
The First Day
The Gentle Way
The Flag of Caire
The Glory of Satin
The Hestia
The Janyati and the Elements
The Jewel in the Lotus
The Last Day
The Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Maid
The Mysterious Veil
The Origin of War
The Problem with Aristasia
The Question of Evil
The Silver Screen
The Silver Screen Game
The Sucrishi Way
The Symbolism of the Fairy Tale Quest
The Symbolism of the Temple and More Temples
The Three Aristasian Refuges
The True “Evolution” of Language
The Wrong World
The Year of Sai Sushuri
The Year, the Month and the Day
Their Serene Highnesses
Three-Fold Dea
Timeless Motherhood
Traditional Measures and Rationalism
Trintitia Melyata
Undines in South Novarya
Vehicles of Transformation
Werde and the Power of Maid
What is Myth?
Words and Angels
Why the Pit?